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Munday Mogul's challenge for 2014: replacing the front line

Munday rebuilding in the trenches

MUNDAY, TX - Losing players to graduation is something every high school goes through, but for Mundy High School, the challenge isn't about replacing skills positions like quarterback or running back, but replacing those players in the trenches.

"The biggest thing will be to get our offensive and defensive lines going in the right direction," said Munday head coach Patrick Corcoran.

That direction is being back to the playoffs. Of the ten varsity starters the Moguls lost last season, eight of those were linemen. It'll be a new challenge to get the men up front in peak form, but there's no sign of concern from head coach Patrick Corcoran.

"Every year you're replacing somebody, so the kids get used to it. They know it's their opportunity to step up and replace those people and make their own name. It's nothing worth thinking about," said Corcoran.

2013 saw Munday finish at five hundred for the regular season, making it to the area final. With almost a brand new offensive and defensive line, it's hard to predict how the team will adjust, but what remains constant, is their determination to go far in the postseason.

"I don't know what everyone's expectation is out of us, but we want to do what our goals are every year, and that's make the playoffs, hopefully win a district championship with that, and then from that point forward we're going to play in the playoffs one week at a time, trying to be 'one and oh' every week and move on," explained Corcoran.

With new district re-alignments, Munday will face new teams this season like Haskell and Seymore, featuring big front lines that the Moguls will have to adjust to.

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