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Clyde Bulldogs Football

Clyde vs. Comanche

lubbock and sweetwater

Lubbock VS Sweetwater

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Breckenridge VS Cisco


Eastland VS Merkel

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Gatesville VS Brownwood

GALLERY: Abilene High honors football player (who had been in coma) during pep rally

Abilene High students honored Cory Almanza, a football player seriously injured in a car accident earlier this year, before and during the school's pep rally Friday.  Almanza was in a coma for three months before recently waking up.

Photos by Joe Fry/KTXS News

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coogs academic

Cooper Football Honors Academic Excellence

Cooper has just two days until kickoff. They begin the season on Thursday night against Wichita Falls Rider,  but before hitting the field, the team honored their players Tuesday night, for their achievements in the classroom.