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Abilene High 6A, Cooper 5A, Wylie 4A, according to UIL realignment numbers

UIL releases reclassification numbers

ABILENE, Texas -  It looks like Abilene High will be in 6A, Cooper High will be in 5A and Wylie will be in 4A beginning next school year, according to University Interscholastic League realignment cutoff numbers released Monday.

Since six-man football is now classified as 1A, most schools will move up in their classifications next school year.  

Abilene High reported  2,107 students on the recent "snapshot"  day, which is above the 2,100 required to be in the new 6A (previously 5A).Cooper High reported 2,044 students on that day, which falls between the 1,060 and 2,099 in 5A (previously 5A).

AISD Athletic Director Jerry Gayden said the change likely will not affect who Abilene High plays next year, but Cooper may revisit some old rivalries since the school will no longer be in the same district as Abilene High.

"The relationship between the two schools, I don't think it'll change at all," Gayden said. "We'll continue to play each other in pre-season as we always have done before in the past when we've been separated."

The change does not only apply to athletics.   

"Abilene High and Cooper bands will no longer go head-to-head," AISD Director of Fine Arts Jay Lester said. "That also goes for One Act Play theatre division. So they'll be in different conferences."

Lester said fine arts competitors can still face off at invitational.

There are no plans to appeal Abilene High's 6A classification, but Abilene ISD officials haven't decided yet if the district will appeal to attempt to get Cooper High moved from 5A to 6A. The district is looking at information and will decide its next step soon, Gayden said.

Wylie reported 1,003 students on that day, which falls between the 465 and 1,059 required to be in 4A, Division 1 (previously 3A).

Superintendent Joey Light said his only concern is the potential for increased travel.

"Increasing travel is just tough on everybody," Light said. "It's more than just the cost of the fuel and the wear and tear on the buses, it's the wear and tear on the coaches, the kids, and the parents that are traveling to these ball games."

The numbers that the UIL released Monday were conference cutoffs for 2014-2016 reclassification and realignment. The numbers provide the range of enrollment for 1A through 6A, including the divisional cutoffs for football.

According to the UIL, the 2014-16 alignments will be released on Feb. 3 for football and basketball. District alignments for other activities will be released in the order of their seasons, the UIL has said.

Conference Cutoffs

·                                 6A       2,100 and above

·                                 5A       1,060 – 2,099

·                                 4A       465 – 1,059

·                                 3A       220 – 464

·                                 2A       105 – 219

·                                 1A       104.9 and below

Also in the Big Country, in addition to Wylie, it looks like Stephenville (996 students), Big Spring (943), Brownwood (893), Graham (690), Snyder (687), and Sweetwater (535) will be in 4A.

It looks like Big Country teams in 3A will be Clyde (404 students), Breckenridge (374), Early (342), Comanche (334), Wall (330), Bangs (326), Merkel (326), Tuscola Jim Ned (319), Ballinger (302), Eastland (288), Dublin (287), Colorado City (286), Cisco (268), Coleman (268), and Coahoma (247).

It looks like Big Country teams in 2A will be Hawley (205 students), Goldthwaite (184), Anson (173), De Leon (168), Stamford (162), Winters (149), Hamlin (148), Haskell (146), Albany (125), Ranger (118), Roscoe (113), and Munday (104).

It looks like Big Country teams in 1A will be Baird (95 students), Bronte (89), Cross Plains (88), Gorman (78) and Roby (72).

1A – 4A Football  Division I and Division II Numbers

·                                 1A Division I              55 – 104.9

·                                 1A Division II             54 and below

·                                 2A Division I              158 – 219

·                                 2A Division II             105 – 157

·                                 3A Division I              315 – 464

·                                 3A Division II             220 – 314 

·                                 4A Division I              686 – 1,059

·                                 4A Division II             465 – 685

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