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Anson's Jalen Garza takes POW Honor

Jalen Garza is KTXS' Player of the Week

The Anson Tigers are in the midst of one of the rarest turnarounds in school history.

After losing every single game in 2011, Anson has formed a winning program under the direction of head coach Keith Woolf, and leadership from star quarterback Jalen Garza.

"I just love playing football helping my team out whether its throwing the ball running the ball or playing defense and making interceptions, I'm just out there to help the team win and do whatever I can to get our ultimate goal for the team," Garza said.

Friday's game against Tahoka pushed Anson to a 6-0 record, and Garza didn't waste any time.

"He was just kind of in the zone for us he really understood what our game plan was and executed it almost to perfection," Head Coach Keith Woolf said.

Garza scored in the first minute, and did again six more times. He finished with seven touchdowns and 413 yards on the night.

"This year every game it feels like we've started early, going up on opponents  early and it's really taken the breath out of them. We have a sticker on our helmet that says "nasty" ...just put fear into our opponents so they don't wanna play us anymore," Garza said.

Going into last Friday's game, Jalen knew more about Tahoka than any other opponent - he attended middle school there. When Garza moved to Anson in high school and joined the team; so did his father, Jesse Garza, the offensive coordinator.

At 6-0 on the season, Coach Woolf has painted the picture of perfection for his players.

"Our coach harped on us never be complacent, never act like we've arrived, we haven't. There's so much more we can accomplish. That's our goal to go 16 and 0 and win a state championship," Garza said.

With just four more wins, the Tigers would set new records for Anson football; it would be the first back to back 10-win seasons in program history.

"It's been a lot of fun for our kids and watching these kids grow with confidence. And to grow in their ability to play the game.  And watch our program develop as a whole. its been a lot  of fun to watch that," Woolf said.

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