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Loraine's breakout star, Patrick Tillis, named Player of the Week

LORAINE, Texas - We know Six-man football is different than traditional 11-man football. Quicker tempo, more running, and sky-high scores. The Loraine Bulldogs are averaging 62 points a game thru their undefeated season, and Patrick Tillis is in control of their full throttle offense.

"Some of the guys were just saying you know the ball just ignites him. Ya know he gets his hands on the ball and turns electric. He just has another gear to put it into overdrive, said head coach Kyle Hauk.

"Speed in the 6 man game is hard to beat, and he has both quickness and speed. So it's hard to get a handle on him. Then when he gets in a straightaway. There was one time he was returning a kick, he returned a kick 70 yards for a touchdown. 4 guys had an angle on him and he just hit that overdrive gear and he was gone."

His highlights from last Friday look like an X-Box game come to life -  485 total yards in Loraine's 72-66 win over Highland.

He had nine touchdowns - rushed for five, threw three, returned a kick for one. And oh yeah, add 10 tackles and an interception to his stat line.

We'll let you in on a little secret, Tillis was not a starter at the beginning of the season.

"Patricks actually our backup tailback, believe it or not," Hauk said.

"I know I shocked them, I know that. (laughs)," said Patrick Tillis.

What kind of guy is Patrick, on the field?

"Crazy, funny, sometimes he feels like he's not good enough. He's fast. He doesn't even try," said senior teammate Ricky Cantu.

To go with his speed, Tillis has a knack for moving up-field. Plus, that extra gear to average 34 points a game. But Tillis has a playful side. He's the guy to chase around OFF the field, too.

"Patrick kinda keeps things loose. He kinda knows what time to break the monotony with a joke here or there. He's always got a smile on his face, just really outgoing personality. And kind of person that other people want to gravitate to," said coach Hauk.

Whether you're just learning about Tillis, or you've personally had him outrun you - one thing is for sure, he's just getting started.

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