ABILENE, Texas -

Cooper quarterback Lorenzo Joe was invited to compete this week in The Opening. The event in Beaverton, Oregon features the top 162 high school football prospects in the nation. Joe will play wide receiver in college and was the first commit to the University of Texas and Mack Brown for the 2014 class. We caught up with him just after camp wrapped up while he was in between flights back to the Big Country.

Lorenzo Joe: I’m extremely blessed to have been invited to go down there and compete with those guys. I met Johnny Manziel, Tavon Austin, Bo Jackson was there, he talked to us. It was an exciting experience and very fun.

Casey Keirnan: So you played 7 on 7's at The Opening against the best high school talents in the nation, how do you feel you did lined up at receiver?

LJ: Our very first game I had a nice long catch and a couple big third down conversions. We went 0 and 2 in pool play and were knocked out pretty quick though. Coming in I knew we were going to do a lot but it was a great experience.

CK: It was the top 162 players in the nation, not all had made their college commitment as early as you did. How did you approach guys who still weren't sure where they wanted to go?

LJ: There were some guys with some UT offers. I was in their ear, most of the campers like Jamal Adams, he is the number two safety in the nation right now, and some other guys, we stayed busy and tried to help recruit.

CK: You're used to playing 7 on 7's against strictly Big Country kids. How important do you feel it was to test your skills against the best the entire country has to offer?

LJ: All these guys are the best at their position, number one in the country at DB, safety, quarterback. It's a great experience because you will play against those guys in college and it's what you’re going to see at the next level. I don't see that every day at quarterback or down here so it was good going up there and seeing what I'm going to see at the next level.