SOURCES: McMurry swimming and men's soccer on brink of elimination

McMurry soccer, sports info director speak about pending decision

ABILENE, Texas - McMurry sports information director Dave Beyer confirmed with KTXS that there is a proposal that men's and women's swimming and men's soccer to be eliminated at McMurry university.

The elimination of swimming and men's soccer is not official, it must go through the board of trustees first.

KTXS Sports spoke to SID Dave Beyer, and Men's Soccer captain Taylor Tarango. While Tarango and the team understand that things like this happen at schools often, Beyer wanted to reassure everyone that nothing is final until the board of trustees make a final vote this Friday.

"Things do happen people will get cut people do get fired we understand that but that's not really what were arguing about what we're arguing is why us? Why the swim team? Why this and they keep saying funding, funding, funding. But at the same time, they keep renovating the new school, they keep doing stuff to the school and they keep doing all this stuff we're just wondering why," Tarango said.

Beyer told KTXS Sports, "The thing I'm reminding everybody at this point it is still a proposal, not a fact. And that's a really important distinction because the board of trustees, it's a recommendation to them that we were asked to do and that's all it is. To look at some possiblities and some options, and how do we get to where we wanna be as a division two school."

More details to come as the story develops.

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