HSU had seven seniors – Amy Kuykendall, Carlyn Powers, Erin Low, Sarah Stansell, Allison Ray, Becca Gault and Kelsey Byars. Kuykendall spent eight hours in the hospital between Friday's semifinals and Saturday's final as she battled dehydration. Kuykendall, Powers and Stansell all earned All-American honors during their career. Katie Kuykendall, Rebecca Roth and Brittany Vacca also claimed All-American honors in the 2010 season and Megan Ryan was named all-region along with the All-Americans.

The Cowgirls pushed its American Southwest Conference undefeated streak to 132 games and won its eighth straight ASC title during the year. The team had a 3.53 GPA as well and Stansell won the prestigious Elite 88 award at the Final Four.

Information provided by HSU athletics department.