Abilene Zoo brings hedgehogs to KTXS Studios

Abilene Zoo brings hedgehogs to KTXS

ABILENE, Texas - Joy Harsh with the Abilene Zoo brought two hedgehogs to the KTXS studios Friday.

Cactus and Gertrude both visited the studio, but only Gertrude appeared on camera.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures, and both hedgehogs were still feeling very active during the show.

"Hodgehogs are wild in Europe," Harsh said. "They are not very aggressive."

Harsh also mentioned the most famous hedgehog of all.

"They can curl up in a little ball, just like Sonic the Hedgehog," Harsh said.

If you are thinking of getting a hedgehog as a pet, Harsh once again stressed that they are nocturnal animals.

"They will make noises at night," Harsh said.

Both Cactus and Gertrude are education animals at the zoo, and can be seen when adults and children attend educational camps and classes.

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