ABILENE, Texas -

     Wow, the hot stretch marches on and it looks like several more days of heat ahead. There is potential for a cold front to settle close to the area Thursday and Friday bringing with it a chance for a thundershower. A very moist flow from the Gulf of Mexico will keep 10% shower / thundershower chances in the forecast right into next weekend. The overall theme of this week's weather however will remain the heat.

     Monday is expected to shape up with mostly sunny skies and temperatures returning to triple digit territory. We are calling for an official high of 100 degrees here in Abilene on Monday. Winds will be from the south at 10-15 mph.

     Tuesday and Wednesday of this coming week appear to have the potential to be the hottest days of our most recent hot stretch. High temperatures are expected to reach around 102 degrees both days under mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. Make sure to wear sunscreen and drink lots of fluids during the heat of the day.

     Very late Wednesday and on into Thursday we see a cold front approaching from the north. How far this front can move south and impact our strong ridge of high pressure remains to be seen but we will include a 10% chance for a shower / thundershower on Thursday and Friday. If the front remains far enough to our north Thursday could turn out very hot also around 100 degrees. We will monitor this in the days ahead.

     Looking into next weekend, a slight thundershower chance will remain with a moist flow from the Gulf of Mexico. Expecting a general partly sunny sky and temperatures in the mid to upper 90s.